Sunday, November 21, 2010


Have you ever felt invisible? The other day, I had that experience. I was sitting at the dining room table, at the head or foot, depending on perspective; it was the end closest to the sliding glass doors that lead to the patio, so I guess it would be the foot. Irrelevant really.

Anyway, I was comfortably reading my book, the late-day-autumnal sun on my back, and the heater vent blasting warm air at my feet. Lately, I have been easily chilled. The heat and sun was nice after spending most of the day outside.

I must also note that our house is not large. The main floor consists of a kitchen/dining room that opens into the small living room. There is a mud room that leads into the dining area, which we use as our main entrance. Beyond the living room are a small guest bedroom, a full bathroom, and an office. Upstairs is a landing and the master bedroom and bath. I know this is more than you think you need to know, but bear with me, it's relevant.

So here I was, my 800 page tome (almost finished and boy was it good!)laid out on the table in front of me, when I heard the sounds of Mr W. coming up the walk. With four dogs, it is awfully hard to sneak up on us. I was waiting for him since he called me en route, conversely, he knew I was home...

He strolled through the mud room into the dining room, where I sat. I watched as he removed his bluetooth (I think he wants one surgically implanted, but that is a whole 'nother can of worms). His blackberry was gently set next to the bluetooth on the kitchen island. Turning toward me, he removed his coat and laid it on the chair at the other end of the table.

I waited for him to greet me, after all, he was practically staring at me. Nope. He headed for the living room and with a small shake of the head, he headed down the short hall to the office. I was amused. He hadn't seen me. His footsteps returned to the hallway, pausing at the foot of the stairs.

I listened as he removed his boots, spoke to the dogs, and thudded upstairs.
Click. Creak. Step, step. Creak. I could hear his thoughts in the rhythm of his steps- Where the heck is she? It's not a large house.

Click. Thud, thud, thud, back down the steps.

Ok. Now he'll figure it out, I thought with growing hilarity.

He returned to the kitchen, walked by me again.

Really? I was right in front of him!!! But he still did not notice me.

Passing by, he grabbed the knob to the basement door, pulled it open and stuck his head through, searching. At that point, I could not keep quiet. I cracked up. Shocked, he finally saw me.

"Where were you?" He asked.

Umm...I must have spent a few minutes in another dimension, "I was right here."

"You saw me walk by?"

"Yep." At this point I was crying from a huge attack of the giggles.

There are some men who would be hurt or angered at being laughed at or feeling a fool. Not Mr. W., he laughed harder than I, nearly passing out from a lack of oxygen. Luckily, I can be invisible.

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