Monday, January 10, 2011

Why do I refuse to grow up? Today in the barn, the caretakers were painting. They had the radio on the rock station, which was playing "Pour Some Sugar on Me"-one of my favorite songs. And of course, I was compelled to share that information. They were not impressed. I interpreted thier lack of commentary as "if we don't acknowledge the whacko she'll go away..."

The reality is that I'm sure they couldn't care less, but the radio was on WFAN when I came back.

I do still love my tacky 80's hair metal-no not Poison, Warrant, or Europe, etc. It happened in the mall the other day with Mr. W. We walked into Spencers-which has become porn central- they were playing old, do I dare say classic? Motley Crue. There was nothing in the store I wanted to look at, and Mr. W. kept commenting on how the store has changed, however, I lingered, only to hear the song.

Then we come to the music for the wedding. Everyone asks, "what kind of music do you like?" Well there is this small part of me that thinks Judas Priest's "The Hellion" is the perfect music for me. It would NEVER go over, and I was joking when I said it. Though there are these awesome thigh-high, studded Christian Louboutin boots that would be perfect!

Ok. All joking aside I am in a quandry over the music. We have a great band lined up, Mr.W.'s cousin to sing-she is an aspiring Broadway actress and got the lead in a travelling production of Beauty and the Beast, and the best man is an incredibly talented musician My cup runneth over with talent. And I have no idea what they should play.

It should be easy. I love music, not just the 80's stuff. My iPod has an eclectic mix, everything from Enya to Rammstein, Beethoven to Lady Gaga, Yngwie Malmsteen to the Pussycat Dolls. You get the picture. There is little to no country, which is Mr.W.'s favorite. Sigh. I know, he has to have a fault somewhere. I will have to accomodate that, too. That is, if I can find something that doesn't make me crazy or sick to my stomach. I don't think "Friends in Low Places" or "I'm Here for the Party" would go over any better than "The Hellion."

And did I mention that most of the popular wedding anthems make my gorge rise? I like classical, but Pachelbel "Canon", "Air on a G String"(always makes me want to Google when the underwear G-string was invented), or the "Wedding March" are so overdone. It's kind of like what I like to read and what I want to write-something unusual, unexpected, and beautiful.

In the long run, this is a minor issue. It's not like I have to solve world poverty or why people kill each other over stupid things (and it's always stupid things in my book). It's there though, and on June 18th, if the music isn't chosen, it'll make for a very long, boring wedding, no matter how fantastic my dress is.


  1. You are right - the music does matter. And it should be something "unusual, unexpected and beautiful" - you deserve it! Keep thinking on it. You've got time. And one of these days you'll think of something that will seem just right. (I've always loved the music in "Comfortably Numb" - the chord progression is exquisite - but that probably doesn't send the right message either :))

  2. One of my favorites!! I have to agree- maybe not the right message for a wedding processional. Though maybe after a few drinks??

  3. Um, I think you should get those shoes...even if its just to vacuum in. Think how fun it would be to just prance around the house in those!!!