Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Forward

We set the clocks ahead, lost the hour of sleep, and woke to a gray and damp-cold day, but somehow, I feel that Spring is winning the struggle to throw off the white and windy mantle of Winter.

Of course, that means more snow will fall. I saw some flakes fluttering in the air when I was at the barn. I'm sure I was hallucinating. The time change and all...hey, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The exciting part, for me anyway, is I have the desk in place for my barn office/writing cave. The room still needs arranging and organization, however, I am that much closer to an internet-less, dog-less (no, Putter does not count as a dog-he already has a bed waiting there), fuzzy-purring-keyboard-punnching-lap-monster-less office.

Let the creativity flow and the writing commence!

Ok. I do have visions of Chevy Chase in "Funny Farm."

I can see it... The lamp is on, casting a warm glow upon my laptop, which will run oh so much better without the internet temptation. I sip my glass of water, glance at the horse pictures adorning the wall, before turning to the cursor waiting for the magical flow from imagination to fingers to screen. I type. I delete. I type. I delete.

With a deep breath, I pause and gaze out the window at the horses grazing in the paddock, warm sun glistening off their hides. They inspire my thoughts. I type. I delete. I type. Hey, that wasn't bad! I find a rhythm, filling a page with new images and ideas. The magic tickles, it's not there, but it hovers close. Another page filled and it sputters, fizzling like a candle wick drowning in wax.

I sigh. My attention returns to the gleaming horseflesh...Is it noon, yet?

Really, I am sure I have the discipline to remain in my perfect writing nook, working diligently toward finishing at least one of my many projects (I have chosen one to focus on. No. I have. Honest.), and striving toward my goal of publication.

How do I know this? How can I be so sure? Because I have a plan.

I'm going to ride first. Or pray for rain.

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