Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Food Fest

It was my birthday today!

I had a great day, which began with a fantastic ride on my friend's pony. I love my own two boys, but Jake the Wonderpony is so much fun.
Then I went to lunch with the friend responsible for setting me up with Mr. Wonderful. We went to a local diner and had heavenly black and white milkshakes-a treat I haven't had since my dad had his sandwich shop! It was like being a kid again, except no one complained about the mixer. The milkshake machine at my dad's store was notorious for randomly deciding to shower the counter(and the person making the shake) with milk, syrup and ice cream chunks.


After an afternoon break where I tried desperately to melt the fake tips from my nails. I failed miserably- does acetone break down after a while?-I ended up cutting them shorter which helps my almost non-existent typing skills. Mr. Wonderful's mother brought me a box of pampering goodies that will really help me feel like a princess-no more chapped barn hands, cracked lips, or winter itchies for me!

I didn't get a chance to call many people, but I was touched by the outpouring of birthday wishes.

Did horse chores, then on to dinner. We went to our favorite restaurant. Ok. I admit, we practically live there.

Ordered a "Passionful Mojito"- my favorite drink. Drank that.

Had a salad.

An entree of duck followed. Divine!

A second mojito.

And to top it off, a creme brulee, complete with candle and singing. Simply lovely.

You would think that the evening ended there, but no, we sat socializing for a while. Friends came and went, new friends sat at the bar, bringing lively conversation as the regular patrons trickled out the door. The staff began the process to set up for closing. The night was winding down. Until...

A personal-sized devils food chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream came round the corner complete with candle and singing.

Dessert deja-vu.

Yes, I ate it.

And I wonder why my clothes don't fit anymore. Yikes! I think dress shopping has now been pushed back for a month, but I'll worry about that when I wake from the food coma.

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