Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Life is Good

I woke this morning to some welcome news. I am flattered to have been chosen by Susanna Leonard Hill for the Life is Good blog award.

The rules of the award are to acknowledge and link to the presenter's blog and to say a bit about myself.

First, I must say that Susanna truly epitomizes the Life is Good philosophy. She is always there to offer encouragement and support in both the celebratory times and those desperate moments. She writes internationally published books for children, which is a writing skill and achievement. I can only humbly bow before her talent. Thank you Susanna.

Me. Well, I do try to see the silver in those nasty thunderheads that appear overhead. Sometimes, they get me down, but I try to turn those bolts into literary creations, ususally with a good dose of sarcasm and humility. Overall, I have been blessed with a good support system and, honestly, it seems like mostly blue skies ahead. Though I have survived some tough challenges and losses, I am quite lucky for the experiences and people I have met along this journey. And I promise to try not to beat up my writing and more than occasional lack of ambition too much.

This brings me to my nominee for the Life is Good award. I must send this along to, Jen, fellow MHC grad who is stepping out into the world of publishing.


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  1. Hey, Nancie - I see Megan is following you now! You would like her blog, too.