Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Whole Lot of Nothing

I do my best thinking in the barn. While I sift and flip frozen poo-apples, I come up with so many lovely things to write.

This morning, my thoughts turned to a conversation I had in Mr.W. and my favorite restaurant. It's amazing the deep discussions that arise while eating pork spare ribs and pureed potatoes(I ordered it without the cole slaw-don't like cole slaw).

Fellow diner, Anthony, and I followed a myriad of topics ranging from the Nasca lines, racehorses, the crisis in Libya, and the Israeli/Arab conflict. Actually, it was a fun and enlightening exchange.

Which brings me to my thoughts this morning. I considered writing an essay extolling my views on the problems facing Palestinian Arabs and the Israeli government.(It doesn't help that I am currently reading a large tome reporting the changes and wars within Lebanon. Ironically, the opening scene occurs near Auschwitz.)

But as I left the barn, my plans for the day overtook my editorial intentions. Insetad, I finished my project in the guest bedroom. I ironed a bedskirt, made up the bed, arranged decorative pillows, and hung some pictures.

After, I felt a bit dirty. I abhor housework.

I then proceeded to clean the fish tank, removing copious amounts of stringy, gooey, algae, and inhaling a bit of disgusting fish sewage when I tried to start the siphon(it was supposed to be self-starting. They lied.)

Maybe it was the anticipated ridicule, when those who know me best, wonder what the hell is wrong with me. I mean, ironing?? Really? Or it could be the onset of some rare malady, brought on by piscean refuse.(I could look at it as an immune-system strengthening opportunity, but actually, it was only disgustingly gross. Yes, I spit and rinsed for quite a while.)

The end result? Political rantings are saved for another day, perhaps when I finish the office in the barn and I can tap my stall-cleaning-induced rantings while they are still fresh in my mind.

If not, there is still the shoe department at Saks to talk about.

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