Monday, April 25, 2011

A Game of Thrones

Jumping for joy. Doing the happy dance. I'm as giddy as a teenager at a rock concert!

A Game of Thrones has begun. Winter is coming. So excited.

When I first saw the preview, the unfurling of the crow's wings started the flutter in my stomach.

Could it be? Or is this something else? Then those words melted onto the screen. Winter is coming.

Mr. W. watched my contortions with concern. I hooted, then verklempt, then fist-pumpingly ecstatic. I could not wait. And I hoped it would live up to my expectations. In the weeks that followed, I started to reread the book. It was everything I remembered; everything I hoped my own BFNE(formerly CFN) could be.

April 17th came. I watched avidly. Mr. W.came out from the office about fifteen minutes into the replay, which I needed to watch. I wanted this to sink in. It was like having seconds of your favorite dessert. Awesome. The creators, who did, apparently, rely heavily on George R.R. Martin, creator/author, stayed true to the story; it was very close to how I imagined. Gritty, dark, utterly believable. My only complaint was the need for HBO to focus so much on the sex scenes. Yes, they are integral to the story, but I was unaware that doggie-style equates with medieval fantasy. My bad. The beheadings did not bother at all. Sean Bean as Ned Stark and Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister- perfection.

Of course, Mr. W.'s only comment after the brutal introduction was, "Sweatheart, you read some really dark shit."

Yes. Yes, I do. And relish every moment of it.

This series has me ubergeeked. I can't wait for Sundays at 9pm. I have it DVRed. So here's to Starks and Lannisters, direwolves and dragons, the Dothraki across the sea and Wildlings beyond the Wall. May they prosper and the seasons continue. If you don't know what I mean, my apologies. I'm off to do my happy dance. Hopefully, you are off to watch the pilot episode online.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why I Am Not a Successful Writer...Yet

What do we do with a new laptop and a rainy day? Well, for one thing, I am not sitting in my new office flush with ideas. Rather, I am playing with my this wonderful toy, configuring and setting it up so I can better fulfill my literary destiny.

Mainly, I am attempting to find out what programs are already installed on it and what I want it to have. And getting acclimated to the keyboard. Hey, every computer is different. And I am a horrible typist!

I must thank my sister for this lovely machine. Ok. I need to get down on my knees and bless her profusely. After all, I did lament, in the not-so-distant past, the aged creakiness of my old laptop. It was becoming slower than death. My writing sessions were becoming exercises in patience-or multi-tasking. They went something like this: Hit the power button, hover close, maybe grab the iPhone and prepare my headphones, type in password, walk away to get a cup of tea or glass of water, grab the thesaurus(just in case), stroll back, glance at the screen, yup! still booting, think about what to write, start the music, I think it's ready, open a document, refill my water/tea, check screen, still not loading, hmm....oh, it's ready! Now what did I want to work on? I forget.

Of course, this one connects to the internet way too efficiently...

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It feels like it took forever, but Winter seems to have loosened its icy grip. The weather is not yet perfect, there are still rainclouds and brisk wind, however the sun is bright.

What have I done with this bounty of lovely weather?

The garden is roto-tilled. The peas, lettuce, and radish seeds are set in the freshly turned earth.

My office in the barn is finished, the floor is re-stained, the desk is in place, the new rug warms the floor, my horse books line the bookshelves, and the pictures are hung on the wall. All it needs is my laptop and me, sitting in my chair, churning out all the new stories churning in my imagination.

Tucker has new shoes. After his bought of lameness, I called the farrier, who suspeted a stone bruise. We soaked an packed his feet and today, he stopped favoring the foot. And the sun continued to shine.

For the first time this year, I tacked up. Though, for me, caution is the better part of valor. I am not brave enough to hop on a rambunctious Thoroughbred after a three month vacation. So I let Tucker run around on the lunge line. He was obedient and relatively quiet- he threw one good buck then settled back down. I finally mounted and walked around a bit. I would have ridden longer, but I had chosen to use my dressage saddle instead of my jumping saddle. Bad choice. The saddle looks like it fits Tucker's back, but once I settled into the seat, it became clear it isn't very comfortable for either of us.Hmmm.... Could that mean I need a new saddle? That would be unfortunate.

Everyone knows how I dread shopping for tack.

I even lunged Gil, who stood like a champ as I tightened the surcingle, did none of his funky dances when we walked out to the riding area, and even-gasp!- walked over a pole on the ground.

I am determined to find someone to work with him and give him another chance. I love the underdog.

Hopefully, the weather holds, because I am raring to go. I want to ride, I want to plant, and I want to write. Everything is in place. It's time. Finally.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Let's just say that Winter this year sucked. Now that Spring is officially here, I am looking forward to riding, gardening, and the flush of creative energy that warmer weather always brings. I work better with a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

But Mother Nature, cruel bitch, is not cooperating. Rain, snow, mixed with some cold and windy, albeit sunny days, do not a perfect Spring make. This weekend is no exception. Two days of blissful sun. The problem lies in the frigid, gale force wind that makes being outside not too much fun.

Still, the riding bug has me in it's venomous grasp. Tucker got new shoes the day before we were blessed with a misserable rain and snow mix. So when I heard the forecast for this weekend-temperatures in the fifties, sun, et.- I ambitiously planned to saddle up and at least attempt to ride.

Tucker read my mind. Which meant that yesterday, he was holding up his left front foot and yelling, "Ouchy!" in his horsey way. I checked him for the ususal suspects, a nail that went too high through the hoof wall, a stone stuck in his foot, maybe a gaping wound, but nothing shouted, "Here's the problem." His hoof was warm and there was a pounding pulse in his ankle. ARGH.

Two doses of horse aspirin, a good soak in epsom salts(his foot, not me, unfortunately), and a liberal slathering of poultice (some on his hoof, most on me) I wrapped a diaper around the offending appendage to keep it clean while the poultice did it's work. I secured everything with duct tape and said goodnight.

The sky today is blue and the sun is strong. It's breezy and although there is still a chill in the air, it's the best day we've had in a while. I checked Tucker again after lunch. He trotted over limping only slightly. He's mending quickly. I'm sure by tomorrow he will be fine; it's supposed to rain.