Tuesday, September 13, 2011


There are all types of balance.

I just came from yoga class, so I am thinking of the literal practice of balance. Tree pose. I'm getting better. I can actually mimic a good tree. Until my yoga teacher cocks his head, in that way he has, and asks me to try to take the snake out of my tree.


Then I catch a glance in the mirror. I may have imitated a tree, but it was not a very straight one-no mighty oak for me. Which made me think that I used to live at a farm where they described that kind of tree as a "craggle tree." I am a craggly tree.

I was told that recognizing my lack of linear alignment was part of the journey. Still working on it.

Then there is balancing all the things that demand my attention, namely, five cats, four dogs, and four horses. It's all about the routine. I am trying to allow myself time to write. But mainly these days, a lot of my time is spent trying to resist the lure of my iPhone 4 birthday present. I was happy with my old iPhone. I thought it was pretty neat. This new toy? A whole new level of mind crack.

Some "good" friends, (helpful, productive friends) suggested a few new apps. Angry Birds, Words with Friends, and then there is the reemergence of Snood on the desktop...

Plus there is mowing to be done, a garden to begin to put to bed, the patio furniture that still languishes in the garage, waiting to be brought back to the light of day. Piles of stuff, closets, and cabinets await organization.

And then there is making sure I have time to ride on those days when Mother Nature cooperates. My options are limited these days; the streams are still running high and quick. I have taken advantage of these limited opportunites to work a bit in the ring, trying out my other birthday present, a new bit for Tucker. What a miracle that is.

(I also got a gift certificate to a tack shop, along with a g-string that says "Barn Diva" on the front. My friend Anne has such a sense of humor. I think she meant to give those to Ramzi. he's the Barn Diva. I'm the "Tack Whore.")

But we are talking about balance.

Yesterday's ride was miraculous. It was magic. Tucker was forward, light in the hand, supple, and actually chewed the bit (that's a good thing). Walk, trot, canter, jump. It was like buttah.

Today's ride was a challenge. Tucker was trying to keep up with Velvet as she power-walked down the road. She and Anne were in full Morgan-on-a-mission mode down the trail. (The old nag. Sure) Tucker felt like he was saying "WTH? Really? I am NOT walking that fast. I CAN'T walk that fast. Please? I'm just going to trot. What? Putting my head in the air and inverting my neck is a bad thing?" He was good, but it wasn't buttah.

You can't have magic everyday. It has to be balanced by the mundane. It teaches humility. Just like Angry Birds and being an English Major/writer and getting your butt kicked in Words with Friends, while trying to take care of daily business. Throw in a craggly tree and I'm good to go.


  1. Joe can't keep up with big fast walkers either - makes him mad, so we trot like the little kid in the back :)

  2. oh, and i wanted to add that i did away with my Facebook account on September first - I was seriously addicted, so addicted my friends doubted I could stay away for the 30 days I challenged myself to, well, it's been 20 days, and I am so happy and productive! I will go back on October 1 to collect on my bet with my friends and then sign off forever. Yes, balance is so difficult to achieve, it's a daily struggle.